Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy

3-5 working days (for regular items), 7-25 days (for global items) (subject to stock).  & that time you have to pay the delivery cost. None of complaint will be accepted after the delivery man has left.

If the product is no longer “needed”:

If after ordering it happens that you no longer need the product, then refund is not eligible.

Once the order is confirmed via the website or phone, it will be considered “final” and the shipping process will begin immediately.

In this case, neither cancellation nor refund will be considered.

 If a shipment is late:

Shipment time varies according to product size, weight, and stock and customer location. Scheduled shipment time is mentioned on our product page.

Yet no unexpected cause such as; If delivery is not possible within 7-25 days due to natural disasters, epidemics, political issues, etc., we will try to resolve the issue with the customer by explaining the exact reason for the delay.

However, if there is a delay in getting the product after the product ordered from our Dhaka Warehouse is out, the condition of refund does not apply.

If the product gets stuck during transit:

Since the products have to be brought to the country through customs clearance, sometimes some products may not be directly discounted in this process or the customs authority may have to re-verify.

It is not possible for us to know this in advance. In this case, if your product cannot be released, you will be notified by our office and the price paid for your product will be cash back within 2-3 working days.